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Our Mission Is To Transport Your Business To New Heights

Think of us as your conductor of full cycle integrated, marketing and advertising solutions.
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Make It Easy For Customers Board Your Bus.

People are social creatures and many going online to get, information, recommendations from within their social networks,  reviews prior to  purchase products and services.  Plus, now more than ever social signals play a part of the organic fuel that drives your search engine placement ( SEO) too.  Are you there to pick them up?

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We Help Businesses Map Their Digital Online Marketing For Growth

Integrated Advertising & Marketing

We help businesses like yours—by unifying their online digital stations, from social media, reputation marketing, to paid (ppc) and earned media(social sharing and engagement), brand monitoring and response strategies . Our team of expert  digital conductors  proactively monitor and find opportunities for our passengers (clients) via competitive analysis, industry trends and community sentiment.

Our goal is to help you build your brand, improve lead quality,  increase efficiency, minimize distractions and capitalize on opportunities  so you can focus on the destination (sales and services) vs. methods.

Marketing and advertising consulting

Consulting & Strategy

Technology and the online ecoscape are evolving at light-speed. Your prospects are online via desktop to mobile, engaging  in multiple social communities, weighting reviews and searching via directories and maps, are you laying the exposure path to find you? In kind, organic discovery via search engines is also evolving to weight multi-platform friendliness and load speeds, social connections and engagement as well as sentiment, reputation, and authority into your placements.

Our Team of Online Digital Integrated Marketing Experts thrive on helping our clients, being seen, heard and found.

Got Engineers? We Do!

Our Team of Experts includes talented, available and ‘At Your Service’ techies. Consider us your remote and accessible IT Department. Our Team of Experts:

  • Set up Networks
  • Provide 24/7 Remote Assistance
  • Build and Manage ‘Ticket Response’
  • Troubleshoot and Solve Tech Issues
  • Provide: Design, Build and Maintenance Genius Guidance
  • Oversee and Monitor Your Systems 24/7 and 365 Days of the Year

You’re Here For A Reason:

  • You’re distracted from the core business
  • You Need to re-focus energy on mission critical components: increase sales, services and customer care
  • You feel one step behind: technology is ever changing
  • Let us chase the shiny object, evaluate and deploy tactics that work
  • You’re looking to team with a partner who can help you discover opportunities….  for a competitive advantage, deploy and manage tactics and strategies

Service: Marketing, Consulting and Technology:

Incite: – Strategy and Research

Our first step: Dig Deep. Our Team of Experts works through your history and past events. Our focus and curiosity is based upon what worked in the past and what are your core drivers. We want to know and fully grasp your: Goals and Mission Statements and Value Drivers.

Key Pieces are Your Pain Points and Missing Links!

With this information in hand, our Team of Experts goes to work in your behalf. We produce for your review a complete and highly useful: online competitive analysis. We show you what is working, where your deficiencies are…and most important…where opportunity is zooming.

We then build and execute a roadmap that is fluid and responsive to your market needs and goals…. that will live and grow with your business today and into the future.


  • Your Digital Footprint Analysis
  • Technology & Platform Review
  • Competitive Analysis & Research
  • User Experience & Engagement Analysis
  • Efficiency In Spend – Advertising & Marketing
  • Content & Media Plans
  • Integrated Online Marketing Plan

Web Presence: Online Channel Building:

Wherever your customer is more comfortable engaging and getting to know you is their choice be it social networks, online search or niche communities ( lead warming) Your prospects and customers are  judging you off your current live materials, reviews and reputation, social interactions, response times and more. If your online world is disjointed, missing required components, and not meeting your customers where they live and how they want to be engaged this could be affecting your businesses bottom line including your organic ranking and discover-ability.

  • Integrated Online Marketing
  • Build and Construct Fully Optimized Websites, Landing Pages, Social Networks, Directories, Review Sites, Forums and Content Distribution Channels
  • Focuses on High Value, Relevant To You Audience = Quality vs. Quantity
  • Messaging, Content and Engagement Participation
  • Vertical Network Maximization, Teaming to Build Brand Awareness
  • Team and Fan/Customer Advocate Channels


  • Responsive Websites, CMS to Ecom
  • Niche and Localization
  • Customer Management Systems
  • Build-out Optimized Networks- Social, Directory to Distribution
  • Market & Engagement Strategies
  • Automation and Team Tools

SEO: The Art and Science of Optimizing Your Virtual Frontier:

Today a website is not a field of dreams: just because you build it does not mean they will come – search engines nor your customers. SEO has moved far beyond keywords and link counts. Today, SEO is a total sum of all your businesses parts, online and off.  Search engines evaluate your business through multiple channel signals. Optimizing your technology for multiple devices, speed and back end code plus unifying all of your online channels with consistent information, pathways and engagement using a broad range of media is today’s SEO .

The Media Collective can help you to optimize your digital online market presence


  • SEO Onsite – Website Design, Onsite words phrases and structure
  • Offsite Optimization -links, social referrals, citations +
  • Local or National or Specialty Markets
  • Channel Building via Authority and Vertical Associations
  • Content Distribution for Authority Building
  • Ecommerce Optimization

Reputation Marketing – Customer Experience – Engagement

Did you know that search engines now take into consideration online “buzz (facebook likes, tweets, pins and +’s) – reputation- reviews” into your organic ranking?  Important to your sales motion too — 81% on average research online before making a purchase decision.  While un-happy clients tend to be vocal, we help you to make it easy for your happy customers to provide feedback and encourage sharing helping you to create a referral engine that over time, can become a huge foundation to your businesses, leads and sales.  As part of our approach we develop strategies , coach staff, deploy tools which we then capitalize to amplify your business through reputation marketing.


  • Analysis & Research
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Engagement Campaigns, Loyalty programs +
  • Platform & Tool Requirements
  • Monitoring- Listen and Response

Social Marketing- Online Advertising

Social Media Marketing -People are social creatures and like to know what’s going on in their network of friends, family and the businesses they frequent. Our goal is to help you build your brand presence, relevancy within the community of people who circulate and patronize your business… fostering brand advocates that refer you to their friends, families and networks (earned media). Complementary to earned media efforts, we can also deploy focused PPC campaigns (paid media) in search engines, social networks as well as content marketing networks to intensify your online presence and initiatives.


  • Social Network Coaching & Systems
  • Referral and Brand Advocate Marketing
  • PPC, In Platform Advertising and Promotions
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Youtube, LinkedIn to G+
  • B2B Vertical Marketing/Advertising/Cross Promotional

Full Service Integrated Online Marketing and Advertising

The Media Collective (TMC) brings 18 years of online marketing and advertising expertise to your enterprise. Our Team of Experts build strategy and infuse knowledge-based: “Direct Impact Messaging” to the clients that we serve. Our Team of Experts:

  • Transform Visitors into Customers
  • Increase Productivity
  • Build Fluid Processes that Yield Profitable Outcomes
  • Deliver Real, Viable Leads
  • Construct IT Solutions that are “User Friendly”
  • Manage Your Systems via “End to End” Managed IT Solutions

The Media Collective is a full service, web-and-cloud-based internet solutions firm and development agency. Our Team of Experts thrive on forging positive and profitable outcomes for our clients.

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