The Media Collective offers a number of pathways to organizations like yours to collaborate and work together to create integrated online marketing solutions.  Our solutions are designed to combine your business savvy with our integrated online marketing solutions, design skill sets, and development expertise. Our solutions are as broad or as narrow as they need to be to meet your business requirements, goals and objectives.

Integrated Online Marketing  – Solution Process

  • Gather – Explore – Analyze
    We gather information where you are currently, explore your objectives and goals and super sleuth your competition. This is a critical step, as efforts are only as good as the data which is used to build your plan.
  •  Plan – Develop After all data, objectives and analysis is digested, we work closely with you to develop a strategic plan that includes assets, media vehicles, communities and the market place you want to reach your objectives.
  • Launch Integrated Campaign
    Here we flip the switch, deploying optimized websites, social media channels, search marketing strategies, link building, content marketing and other juicy tidbits to integrate your online marketing program.
  • Measure – Track – Monitor
    Once a campaign is launched we begin to measure the results, placements and buzz surrounding your online presence. SEO, SEM and social media networks are monitored and adjusted as necessary to tune objectives.
  • Optimize – Adjust – Repeat
    With ongoing measurement we are able to seamlessly adjust efforts and campaign to take advantage of opportunities that arise from monitoring of your communities, competitors as well as other ninja tactics we use.
  • Success
    Success is measured by: Have your phone calls, visits and sales increased? Sounds harsh but bottom line is has revenue and customer service aka sentiment improved resulting in brand and or product repeat customers and affinity?

Marketing Solutions that Combine SEO, SEM and Social Media

The cornerstone of our integrated marketing solutions are designed to bring targeted traffic to your website. Targeted traffic consists of those individuals or businesses that are looking for products and services like yours through the search or forum experience.  We use a combination of keyword research and competitive analysis to determine your keywords and how to locate where your potential clients are gathering on the web.

Our competitive research leads to site optimization of your site, SEO. Onsite and offsite optimization techniques play a big part in the development of site content, syndication, and backlink generation all designed to maximize conversion. We understand where your traffic comes from and what the value is to your organization getting the right people to your site on a regular basis. We manage and adapt to the changing landscape keeping your site ranking high in the search engine results as part of our program.

Our focus on SEO leads to Social marketing using the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and other social venues such as SumbleUpon. Our solutions integrate across the organic landscape and as required find focus using sponsored techniques where paid placement advertising might be relevant for your business objectives.

The following skill sets form the foundation of our online integrated marketing plans: Management, Competitive Research, Planning, Site Optimization, Offsite Optimization, Link Building, Web Copy, Article Marketing, E-Mail Marketing Campaigns, Reputation Monitoring and Rebuttal, Local Marketing, Hyper Focused Marketing and Niche Marketing.

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